11 June 2017

If You Still Had Doubts, You Can Lay Them To Rest

17 Sivan 5777

It reads like an invasion. But, since when have the Jewish vineyards that HaYovel volunteers are working in become "Christian" vineyards? And how did Har Brachah become "Kibbutz" Har Brachah? Is this what they are now calling the HaYovel area of Har Brachah?

And suddenly Tzfat is going to become a major stop on the Christian/Messianic Tour Trail. All the better to mix with authentic Jews!! 

Everyone into the Ari's mikveh together!! God forbid!!! Anyone in touch with HaRav Shmuel Eliyahu??? Anyone able to contact the rabbis at each of the synagogues mentioned to block entry to these messianics?!?!

Heads up, good Jews!!!!