13 December 2017

It Could be Worse

26 Kislev 5778
Second Candle of Hanukah

I don't buy into the idea that America is full of chesed and the "good side" of Eisav. Everything it does, it does for its own self-interest. Every bit of humanitarian aid comes with missionaries attached and all foreign loans carry American price tags. If America was such a nation of chesed, it would have opened its doors to more Jews fleeing the Holocaust (see St. Louis). They refused even to fill the existing quotas!

I also don't like US President Donald J. Trump. I think he is an egomaniac and a narcissist and does nothing except out of self-interest and self-gain. In that respect he is the perfect representative for his country. But, it could be worse.

No one ever pays any attention to the US Vice President. He really doesn't wield any power. He stands in the President's shadow, the understudy in reserve "just in case." But, when the President is already 70 years old and is as opposed by so many as the current US President is; when there has been talk from the very beginning about "getting rid" of Trump and replacing him with VP Pence, you should be aware of some important facts.

According to a JPost article this week, it was VP Mike Pence who was behind the plan for the US to formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
Over the course of six weeks, as staff for US Vice President Mike Pence consulted with Palestinian officials in Washington to plan meetings and fashion an itinerary for his December trip to the West Bank, Pence was quietly pushing President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
...Pence proved instrumental in Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and to initiate the relocation of America’s embassy there from Tel Aviv, despite opposition from the rest of the world and much of the president’s National Security Council. Trump’s announcement was intentionally correlated with Pence’s upcoming travel to Israel, an administration official said, where he will tout the move as a historic achievement for Christians and clarify its meaning in US policy terms.
Last week, the vice president stood beside Trump as he made the announcement in the White House diplomatic reception room, and offered praise for the move that aides say comes from the heart. He was one of the most enthusiastic advocates of the move – one warmly welcomed by the Israeli government. His trip to the Jewish state will be a triumphant tour and defense of the policy from a true believer who has supported recognition of Jerusalem for many years.
To understand the real significance of this, as well as what it might portend for Jews both in Israel and in the US in the near future, it is important to assess VP Pence's brand of Christian faith. In short, Mike Pence is a zealot and an extremist - a Dominionist Evangelical Catholic.
Pence’s ascent to the second most powerful position in the U.S. government is a tremendous coup for the radical religious right. Pence — and his fellow Christian supremacist militants — would not have been able to win the White House on their own. For them, Donald Trump was a godsend. “This may not be our preferred candidate, but that doesn’t mean it may not be God’s candidate to do something that we don’t see,” said David Barton, a prominent Christian-right activist and president of Wall Builders, an organization dedicated to making the U.S. government enforce “biblical values.”
...Trump is a Trojan horse for a cabal of vicious zealots who have long craved an extremist Christian theocracy, and Pence is one of its most prized warriors. With Republican control of the House and Senate and the prospect of dramatically and decisively tilting the balance of the Supreme Court to the far right, the incoming administration will have a real shot at bringing the fire and brimstone of the second coming to Washington.
“The enemy, to them, is secularism. They want a God-led government. That’s the only legitimate government,” contends Jeff Sharlet,.... “So when they speak of business, they’re speaking not of something separate from God, but they’re speaking of what, in Mike Pence’s circles, would be called biblical capitalism, the idea that this economic system is God-ordained.”
...How the GOP foisted Pence on Trump is undoubtedly a fascinating story that hopefully will some day be revealed. Obviously, Pence gave Trump badly needed credibility with evangelical voters and the GOP establishment, but Pence’s selection portends a governing apocalypse. While Trump has flip-flopped on a variety of issues, from abortion to immigration to war and health care, Pence has been a reliable stalwart throughout his public life in the cause of Christian jihad....

Contrary to popular opinion, US President Donald J.Trump did not recognize ancient "unified" Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He said...
It was 70 years ago that the United States, under President Truman, recognized the State of Israel. Ever since then, Israel has made its capital in the city of Jerusalem....
At that time, Jerusalem consisted only of what is known as "West" Jerusalem and did not include the Old City or what is today called "East" Jerusalem.
Today, Jerusalem is the seat of the modern Israeli government. It is the home of the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, as well as the Israeli Supreme Court. It is the location of the official residence of the Prime Minister and the President. It is the headquarters of many government ministries.
All of these places are located in "West" Jerusalem!

The following statements reveal that Trump's "historic" decision to "recognize" Jerusalem arose from his hubris in desiring to make the ultimate Deal.
I've judged this course of action to be in the best interests of the United States of America and the pursuit of peace between Israel and the Palestinians. This is a long overdue step to advance the peace process and to work towards a lasting agreement.
Now pay very close attention to this...
...In making these announcements, I also want to make one point very clear: This decision is not intended in any way to reflect a departure from our strong commitment to facilitate a lasting peace agreement. We want an agreement that is a great deal for the Israelis and a great deal for the Palestinians.

We are not taking a position on any final status issues, including the specific boundaries of the Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem or the resolution of contested borders.

... I call on all parties to maintain the status quo at Jerusalem's holy sites, including the Temple Mount, also known as Haram al-Sharif.
Vice President Mike Pence is due to arrive in Israel on Sunday, 17 December 2017, the fifth day of Hanukah. The JPost reports that he intends to visit the Western Wall that day "soon after his arrival."

If VP Pence is really the driving force behind making a deal over Jerusalem, then it looks all the more likely that the Vatican will be seeking control of the Old City.

Because "West" Jerusalem has been recognized as Israel's capital by the US, there are now voices rising among the rest of the nations to recognize "East" Jerusalem as the capital of "Palestine." If they do that, who will complain about the unfairness of it?

And you can bet that all of them will agree that the Holy Places (i.e., the Old City) must be protected for all! That would appear to take the redemption "process" backwards. But, bear in mind Zechariah 14.1-2...
"Behold, a day is coming for Hashem when your spoils [property taken in a war] will be divided in your midst. I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem for the war; the city will be captured..., half the city will go out into exile, but the rest of the people will not be eliminated from the city."
Whatever happens, HKB"H is in ultimate control and all of this maneuvering on the part of the nations, including and especially the United States, will see His will performed. Only don't be fooled into thinking the goyim are doing us any favors or acting in our best interests!! We don't owe them anything.

12 December 2017

Hanukah - The 'Door' of Redemption

25 Kislev 5778
First Candle of Hanukah
"Chanukah signals the ultimate salvation and rededication of the entire world. Lighting the Menorah at the doorway demonstrates how the days of Chanukah are symbolically the 'door', the beginning of the ultimate redemption (Sfas Emet)."
[From Chanukah - It's History, Observance, and Significance / A Presentation Based On Talmudic and Traditional Sources]

The Hellenists Are Still With Us

24 Kislev 5778
Erev Hanukah

And their strength and numbers are growing every year. Today, Hellenism is more commonly known as Judeo-Christianity.

Signage in Jerusalem
And it unfortunately has not passed the yeshivah world by. I was walking behind two yeshivah bachurim in Jerusalem day before yesterday and overheard some snippets of their conversation.

"...Hanukah Harry? It's kind of like Secret Santa, but for yeshivah."

Hashem yerachem and raise up for us the Maccabees of old!

It Just Got Darker - BD"E

24 Kislev 5778
Erev Hanukah

Our Sages equated the Greek exile to darkness. The light of Hanukah came to dispel the darkness, at the darkest time of the year (longest nights) and the darkest part of the month (no moon at night). It just got even darker with the passing of one more Torah luminary.
Just moments ago, the terrible news arrived of the Petira of the Gadol Hador, the leader of Klal Yisroel, Maran HaGaon HaRav Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman ZATZAL, at the age of 104.
... he was taken from us at just before 8:00AM IL.
...The levaya for HaGaon HaRav Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman ZT”L will begin in Bnei Brak at noon. Egged has already announced it is stepping up bus service to Bnei Brak on the 402 line.
May HKB"H give comfort to his children by revealing for us the light of Mashiach without any further delay.

10 December 2017

Hanukah Message from Meir Yisroel

23 Kislev 5778


And if you clicked directly to this post, don't miss the new one preceding this one...

Hanukah: The Holiday That Celebrates "Extremism"

Hanukah: The Holiday That Celebrates "Extremism"

23 Kislev 5778

Of course, the Maccabees were not extremists really. They acted 100% in conformity with Torah and halachah. Their actions only seemed extreme by the Greek standards of their time and not coincidentally, by the Western standards of our time. 

President Donald J. Trump, from his speech "recognizing" Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel: "It is time for the many who desire peace to expel the extremists from their midst."

From the Al Hanissim Prayer for Hanukah: "You delivered the mighty into the hands of the weak, the many into the hands of the few, the impure into the hands of the pure, the wicked into the hands of the righteous, and the wanton sinners into the hands of those who occupy themselves with Your Torah.

"The many" who desire peace at our expense so they can make more money and consume more goods without interruption are in for another big disappointment. There will not be peace until all the impurity has been cleansed from the Holy Land, because peace is a gift from HKB"H. There is no peace until there is peace between Him and us.
Chanukah: A Celebration of Zealotry
If the Maccabees were fighting today, how would the JEWISH world view them?
By: Donny Fuchs

The original hero of Chanukah, Matityahu the Kohen Gadol of Modi’in, was a true Jewish zealot and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. He was an extremist by any definition. Make no mistake about it. I use these terms complimentarily, despite the fact that modern ears hear these terms and associate them with negative ideals. As the great Pinchas was a great Jewish zealot who rose up alone at the moment of truth, so too was Matityahu one of those rare men who seized the moment. Zealousness has its place and time in Judaism, and were it not for the heroic actions of Matityahu and his sons, the spiritual integrity of Judaism would have been destroyed on the treif altar of Greek idolatry and hedonism. True Jewish zealousness has no commonality with the “zealous actions” of your average hothead. To be zealous for Hashem is to be pure in Torah thought, and repulsed by the manifestation of chillul Hashem on this earth. Far from mindless rage, thinking leads to action. The faculty of emotion is fueled by reason.

Most self-identifying Jews today, regardless of denominational affiliation or ideological leaning, regard the Maccabees as true Jewish heroes. As is often the case over time, history became distorted, and the Chanukah of today has become something different than it once was. Most Jews celebrate a false Chanukah that has nothing in common with historical reality. It has become sanitized. In a warped sense of irony, modern-day Jews celebrate the Maccabees for everything they were not; multiculturalists, defenders of religious liberty, religious pluralists, etc. The stark reality is that most Jews would have deemed them terrorists by today’s standards. Chanukah isn’t a universal “festival of lights” for Jews to share with gentiles. The Maccabees were Jewish zealots who waged a brutal war against the Greeks who tried to destroy the Jewish soul. Chanukah is not a celebration of universalism. It is the very epitome of Jewish exclusivity.

From a contemporary context, one should consider the following:
  • Were the Maccabees around today, Netanyahu would send an army of Yassamnikim thugs to destroy them.
  • Being registered on the Maccabee internet mailing list, would mean a surprise visit from the Shabak.
  • Leftists would scream for Maccabee blood and applaud brutal crackdowns, as would Israel’s media elite and their morally relativistic peers in Israeli academia. Secular Jewish organizations worldwide would revile the Maccabees.
  • The Anti-Defamation League would use their vast resources to monitor the Maccabees and any Maccabee-affiliated offshoots. True to form, their intel would be shared with the U.S. State Department, CIA, FBI, and various Israeli government agencies.
The seculars wouldn’t be alone in their demonization of the Maccabees. Mainstream religious Jewish organizations would condemn them. Rabbis would declare that their actions constitute a chillul Hashem and are contrary to Halacha. They would argue that the Maccabees were guilty of incitement, and endangering the physical and spiritual welfare of Jews worldwide. 

Representatives of the Maccabee movement would be banned from speaking in religious institutions, and barred from entering most countries. In Israel, the state-worshiping religious loyalists would condemn them with the harshest terminology. Many chareidim would join in.

Because it wasn’t just the Greeks. The Maccabees fought violently against Jewish Hellenists who tried to destroy Torah. When Matityahu saw a Jew publicly defiling The Almighty’s name in the town of Modi’in, he didn’t stand by and tolerate the man’s freedom “to worship as he saw fit.” He slaughtered him with his sword and started a revolution. Yahadut lionizes him and his sons for sanctifying the Almighty’s name and saving Judaism from extinction. History is for the victors. We celebrate Chanukah because Judaism survived because of the Maccabees' actions. The irony is that Hellenists revised history, and needing heroes, they co-opted them, sanitized their legacy, and Chanukah is considered parve today. Hence, the Maccabees, the zealots of Masada, and Bar Kochba can be accepted as heroes by the State of Israel today.

Should You Keep Chanukah this year? The following TRUE or FALSE quiz will be helpful. Do you believe?…
  • That interfaith-dialogue with Christians is a noble endeavor that serves to bring the two faith communities closer.
  • That Jews should take any and all aid from Christian evangelicals and messianic Christians.
  • That Israel should continue to grant equal rights to all of her citizens and allow all faiths to worship as they see fit.
  • That in the absence of any danger to the mother, a woman should have the right to abort a fully formed fetus.
  • That homosexuals should have the right to parade through the streets of any city in Israel. Or that homosexuals should have the right to marry in Israel.
  • That a Halachic definition of “who is a Jew” has no place in state affairs.
  • That Israel should continue to endanger our own soldiers to protect Arab civilians in order to retain a moral high-ground.
  • That havlagah or “self-restraint” is a Jewish ethic that must be a part of the IDF’s ideology.
  • That even theoretically, a Halachic state (by truly G-d fearing people of Torah) is contrary to democracy.
If you answered TRUE to even one of these questions, then in the spirit of intellectual integrity, you should boycott Chanukah this year. Chanukah symbolizes Judaism’s complete rejection of the profane influences of the world. It represents the commitment to oppose those foreign ideologies that threaten the nation and if necessary, to use the sword in defense of the Jewish body and soul. This is the Chanukah that leftists want to destroy.

Missionaries In Our Midst

I have written several articles about the spiritual threat of missionaries in Eretz Yisroel, in particular, the danger of evangelical Christians who have infiltrated religious Jewish communities in the Shomron. Many kipah-wearing Jews have been actively bought by the endless sum of Christian dollars that the enemy is able to throw at Jews and their various projects, in exchange for a ticket into their daily lives. Some of these Jews are misguided and naive. Others are not so innocent. Hakadosh Baruch Hu knows what is in every man’s heart.

The problem is that these spiritual threats would have never been able to infiltrate into the Torah world without the aid of self-appointed leaders who will have to answer for their sins. Some are wont to spout the nonsense of a non-existent Judeo/Christian ethic, which by its very definition is an oxymoron and contrary to everything we stand for. The Jewish ethic is by its very nature contrary to Christianity. No such concept exists. And to align with idolatry in the war against the Arabs is to sacrifice the Jewish soul for the illusion of a united Christian front against the Arabs. There are two kinds of death for the Jew. And throughout history, the death of the Jewish soul is the greatest tragedy of all.

If you support interfaith dialogue with Christians, taking money from evangelicals, and allowing Esau to pick grapes in the liberated vineyards of Judea and Samaria, then you share the values of a Jewish Hellenist. I don’t care how well you know the laws of shmitah, or whether you attend a daily daf yomi. Those with seichal know precisely what's going on, and no Rabbi on earth can kasher a pig. To those who have befriended the notorious Waller family and their cohorts, they are aligning themselves with idolaters who want to harm Am Yisroel. The actions of such groups as Hayovel run by the Wallers are as dangerous an assault as anything Am Yisroel has ever faced. Those who support them are Jewish Hellenists. Matityahu would have loathed the Wallers, and he would have had no patience (to say the least) for those who are aiding them.

Mesirat Nefesh and Pragmatism

From a purely survival instinct, if someone demands that you worship Baal or have your throat slit open, the “pragmatic” thing is to save your throat and bow down to the idol. Judaism requires something else sometimes. The Halacha requires you to refuse, even if it costs you your life. The Halacha isn’t always pragmatic or “wise” from a conventional standpoint. At times, the Halacha requires us to fight to the death, even when the odds are against us. The battle of the Maccabees was neither smart nor pragmatic from a conventional standpoint. They made things worse in the short term. And in the long term we won, even if the later descendants of the Maccabees betrayed their own legacy.

The day will come when we extricate all physical and spiritual contagions from Eretz Yisroel. The legacy of the Maccabees lives on. One day soon, Jews will embrace it and incorporate the Maccabee model as the solution to destroying the Arab enemy, dealing with all spiritual threats, and sanctifying the State of Israel. Every truly religious Jew believes this. The challenge of the Maccabees looms before us. Will we join Matityahu and fight for the L-rd, or will we serve Baal, Asheirah, or the Erev Rav elite who deify themselves?

One day soon, a new generation of Maccabees will arise. Am Yisroel will never die, and there will always be a select few who rise up to define and defend the Torah truth.

With Fire and Blood. Chanukah Sameach!

Donny Fuchs
(and Devash!)

08 December 2017

07 December 2017

Who Was Donald J. Trump?

20 Kislev 5778

Yes, you read it right. Who WAS Donald J. Trump?

If we want to know who Donald J. Trump is today, it would be worthwhile knowing who Donald J. Trump was 'yesterday' - in a previous gilgul. Our sources tell us that all the important characters of the past will be reincarnated at the End of Days. It stands to reason that they will once again be important and influential figures.

Donald J. Trump campaigned for the US presidency on the slogan "making America great again." The concept of 'Greatness' seems to have a large appeal for him. It's also why he puts his name in giant letters at the top of his buildings and his books. (See here.) He also has a penchant for Greek architecture and Greek mythology. I wondered if he could be a gilgul of Alexander the Great. I have reason to believe that people look similarly from one gilgul to the next and I see a marked resemblance between Donald J. Trump and Alexander of Macedon.

I'm not the only one to draw connections between Trump and ancient Greece...
There is more, but you get the idea.

In examining Alexander's past relationship to the Jews maybe we can gain more insight into what is happening here today. I see some interesting parallels. What do you think?
Philip of Macedon
At the beginning of the fourth century BCE, in about the year 370 BCE, a king arose in Macedonia known as Philip of Macedon. ...Philip was a great warrior and organizer.
Most of all, he had the dream of empire in him. In seven years he was able to subdue all the Greek city-states and unite them, something that had not happened in almost five centuries. Of course, he united them at the point of the sword, but he united them.
Alexander the Great
Philip died but left a son, who would become one of the single greatest forces in history, Alexander the Great. He called himself that modestly, but the truth is that he was great.
Philip did not want Alexander to grow up to be a coarse and boorish Macedonian. So he gave him a tutor: the renowned philosopher Aristotle. It was Aristotle who implanted in Alexander the philosophic ideals of the Greeks.
Alexander was not a pagan because Aristotle was not a pagan. Aristotle’s concept of God was that a Creator exists. The Greek philosophers referred to God as the “First Cause.” He pushed the button, so to speak. However, once He did so He did not do anything more. What happened on Earth did not interest him. Therefore, there was no interference from Heaven as to what happened on Earth. It was another way of unburdening themselves of conscience – except now with the stamp of belief in God.
Nevertheless, the Greeks believed that God existed, which is very important because it will help explain one reason why Alexander was able to tolerate the Jewish religion, whereas many of the Persian emperors were not. Aristotle knew that all the stories of the gods – from Apollo to Zeus – were made-up. Alexander, as Aristotle’s student, also believed that. Thanks to Aristotle, therefore, the ideas of the Jews were much more acceptable to Alexander.
Alexander’s Encounter with the Jews
Alexander took over his father’s leadership position when he was yet a teenager. He would be dead by the time he was 29. In that short period he conquered the entire civilized world.
One of his campaigns brought him to the Land of Israel. He arrived during the reign of the great High Priest, the last of the Men of the Great Assembly, Simon the Just. Most historians say that he came in about the year 329 BCE. (He was dead by 323 BCE.)
The Jews were terrified of the now victorious Greeks, because they had backed Persia in the war. There were two choices. We will see this story repeated over and over again in the time of the Second Temple. One was to fight, which is what the Jews did later with the Romans. The second was to somehow come to an accommodation with the enemy.
Simon the Just chose the second course. The Jews were not about to defeat Alexander in battle; therefore, the correct way to deal with the matter was to come to an accommodation with him.
The Talmud describes the drama of that first encounter (Yoma 69a). Simon the Just came forth with other members of the priesthood, as well as the sages of the Sanhedrin, to greet Alexander at the gates of Jerusalem as he strode in on his famous white horse, which he rode all over the world in his conquests. According to the historians of the time, it was an enormously tall horse and Alexander was an enormously tall person. Plus, he always wore a plumed helmet. Combined, Alexander stood about 13 feet high on the horse. He was an awe-inspiring sight to behold.
When Alexander saw the Simon he dismounted and bowed to him. When he was questioned by his advisors, he told them that whenever he went into battle he dreamed of an angel leading him to victory. The face of the Jewish High Priest, he said, was the face of the angel he saw in his dreams. That was why he bowed down to him.
Alexander the Great and the Jews
Because of Aristotle, Alexander was positively disposed toward the Jews. Instead of destroying and subjugating them, he made an arrangement with them. As long as they would be his loyal vassals and pay their taxes they could remain autonomous. That was an enormous concession because Alexander was rarely that accommodating to anyone.
Out of gratitude to Alexander, the Jews did a few things. First, they agreed to name every child born the next year “Alexander.” That is why the name Alexander, or Sender for short, became a common Jewish name even to this day.

At the same time, it also opened the door for Jews to give their children other Greek names such as Antigonus Tarphon, among other names of Greek origin one finds in the Talmud. Ironically, through showing Alexander their gratitude by naming their children after him they unwittingly opened the door to the Greek language. And with the Greek language automatically came the Greek culture.
The Jews also agreed to install a system of tax collection that would lead to terrible corruption. Indeed, it was so inherently corrupt that the Talmud held that anybody who was a tax collector was presumed to be a thief. This terribly pernicious system destroyed the morale of the Jewish community in the time of the Greeks long after Alexander was gone.  (Source)
Trump's speech yesterday is entirely in keeping with these characteristics of Alexander the Great. Just when I was ready to admit that I may have been wrong about Trump, he said...
Jerusalem is not just the heart of three great religions, but it is now also the heart of one of the most successful democracies in the world. Over the past seven decades, the Israeli people have built a country where Jews, Muslims, and Christians, and people of all faiths are free to live and worship according to their conscience and according to their beliefs.
Jerusalem is today, and must remain, a place where Jews pray at the Western Wall, where Christians walk the Stations of the Cross, and where Muslims worship at Al-Aqsa Mosque.
This is in keeping with Western "democratic" ideals, pluralism, etc., but it is unacceptable to Torah Jews - those who refuse to assimilate - and it will most certainly be unacceptable to Mashiach. These statements put Trump on the wrong side of what's coming. And any Jews who align themselves with him are on the wrong side, too.

This Hanukah, more than ever, may we find the courage to fight against the assimilation of the Hellenists and may we be zocheh to hear the words from Mashiach's own mouth "Mi l'Hashem elai!"


20 Kislev 5778

The first intifadah broke out on 18 Kislev 5748 (9 December 1987). It is definitely not a coincidence that Trump announced US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital on the thirtieth anniversary of the Arab uprising and possibly providing the excuse for a third one.

Can There Be Unity With The Wicked? (Continued)

19 Kislev 5778

Unity With The Wicked - Rav Richter 6.12.17 - Part 3

Unity With The Wicked - Rav Richter 6.12.17 - Part 4

[Parts 1 and 2 HERE.]

06 December 2017

Get Rid of the Maccabees!

19 Kislev 5778

Well, Trump's speech went pretty much as predicted, but in some aspects it was even worse than I expected....

  • Jerusalem's borders are yet to be determined.
  • It could take nine or more years to move the embassy.
  • Jews get to keep the Western Wall and the Arabs alone get Har Habayit with Al Aqsa.
  • Israel is great as long as it is a state of all its citizens (precluding it from being a Jewish state).

And then to top it off, all are urged to expel their "extremists." And we all know how the Maccabees are viewed by assimilationists.

Right now, the fire of Hanukah is burning in Southern California. I understand Rupert Murdoch's house just went up in flames. No one is being spared. No amount of net worth can save anyone.

Take note, Mr. Trump.

Jerusalem - The "Cup of Poison"

19 Kislev 5778

7:54 pm Israel time: Watch Trump's speech live HERE.

18 Kislev 5778

"Behold, I am making Jerusalem a cup of poison for all the peoples all around...."
~ Zechariah, chapter 12
Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel capital, delay embassy move
President Donald Trump will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital on Wednesday, while also delaying moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to the holy city, officials told NBC News.
Though Trump will not relocate the embassy any time soon — one White House official told reporters it could take years — the president still intends to fulfill that promise made early in his administration.
Senior administration officials called Trump's expected recognition of Jerusalem an affirmation of "reality" — both historical and current, pointing out that the city is already home to Israel's parliament, supreme court and other government sites.
So, today is the big day for the "yuuuge" announcement. But, it's apt to be a bit anticlimactic considering the pre-announcements going out in the media.

The cat is already out of the bag. According to official sources, Trump is going to admit that (West) Jerusalem already is and has been Israel's capital since the founding of the state. Nothing new there. He won't say "West" of course, but it is understood from the context. That still leaves "East" Jerusalem for the capital of "Palestine," so the Arabs have no real reason to get upset, but when did that ever stop them? All they are looking for is an excuse.

Since it will reportedly take four to five years to build the new embassy, Trump will be signing that waiver every six months until then, as the move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem can't possibly take place before that time. (See also here.) If Mashiach has not come by then, there will no doubt be a new president in office.

In reality, it appears as though nothing at all will have substantially changed after Trump's speech, but judging by the hue and cry arising all over the globe today, maybe they still know something we don't.

CNN is reporting that US troops are being readied to confront any trouble at US embassies and installations worldwide.

Trump's speech is scheduled for 1:00 pm EST (8:00 pm IST).

i24NEWS is live-blogging this "historic event," which could become even bigger than anyone imagined.

03 December 2017

Jerusalem Center Stage

15 Kislev 5778

We are ten days before Hanukah, a holiday which has as its centerpiece the purification of the Beit Hamikdash and the renewal of its service with the lighting of the menorah. What better time for the nations of the world to fixate on Jerusalem.
The UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to disavow Israeli ties to Jerusalem as part of six anti-Israel resolutions it approved on Thursday in New York. The vote was 151 in favor and six against, with nine abstentions.
...In New York, only six countries out of 193 UN member states fully supported Israel’s ties Jerusalem: Canada, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, the United States and Israel itself.

The nine countries who abstained were: Australia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Honduras, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, South Sudan and Togo.
The resolution stated that “any actions taken by Israel, the occupying Power, to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem are illegal and therefore null and void and have no validity whatsoever.”
Trump has until Monday to decide on moving embassy to Jerusalem
As Israelis and Palestinians watched the hours tick by on Friday, waiting to see whether US President Donald Trump would once again sign a waiver delaying a move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a State Department official clarified that Trump actually has until Monday to make up his mind.
The formal deadline for the waiver is December 1, but since that date fell on a Friday this year, the deadline was extended to December 4, after the weekend,....
Speculation about what the president will do has intensified since multiple reports surfaced this week that he would either order his team to prepare to relocate the embassy, or delay the relocation again but formally declare that he recognizes the holy city as Israel’s capital. Axios reported on Friday that Trump will give a speech Wednesday in which he makes that latter declaration — a claim the administration did not confirm.
Trump will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in Wednesday speech — report
Defying longstanding American policy, US President Donald Trump will give a speech Wednesday recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, according to an Axios report on Friday.
A White House spokesman, contacted by The Times of Israel on Friday afternoon, would not confirm the story. “The president has always said it is a matter of when, not if,” the official said. “The president is still considering options and we have nothing to announce.”
The Axios report cited two sources with direct knowledge of Trump’s intentions.
Multiple reports surfaced this week that the president would for the second time waive a congressional mandate requiring the US embassy be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but that he would take the dramatic step of formally recognizing the holy city as Israel’s capital.
Moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would provoke extremists and cause anguish across the already volatile Middle East, Jordan’s King Abdullah II warned on Friday.
“Moving the embassy at this stage will have repercussions in the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic arenas and threatens the two-state solution,” King Abdullah told U.S. congressmen during a meeting, adding that the decision would be exploited by terrorists and used “to stoke anger, frustration and despair to spread their ideologies.”
Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Capital Will 'Fuel Extremism' and Violence: Arab League
Hamas: 'Renew intifada' to stop US recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital
Personally, I don't see how either move will tangibly benefit the people of Israel. Instead it might make matters much worse for us on the ground. On the other hand, there is a move the President can make that will benefit both Israel and the United States and not unnecessarily rile the Arabs either.
Amid mounting speculation about the possible consequences of moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the move of a single American Jew from the US to Israel should arouse no controversy. Now would be an appropriate time for US President Donald Trump to allow Jonathan Pollard to immigrate to Israel.
...Commuting Pollard’s parole would bring Trump a win/win deal. It would be both a praiseworthy human gesture that would boost relations with US Jews and Israel, but it also would give him another victory over the perceived injustices of his predecessor, Barack Obama.
Obama’s treatment of Pollard stands out in cruel contrast to the pardon he gave to former US soldier Chelsea Manning, who leaked more than 700,000 documents to WikiLeaks in 2010 while serving as an intelligence analyst in Iraq. Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison, but Obama commuted her sentence in January, just three days before leaving the White House, from 35 years to just over the seven years Manning had already served.
Letting Pollard move to Jerusalem as Israel celebrates 70 years of independence would demonstrate Trump’s commitment to Israel while relieving some of the pressure as he evaluates the eventual embassy move.
Letting our brother come home would be a much more meaningful gesture than a political statement which would change nothing on the ground, but could cause more bloodshed. My prayer is that Jonathan Pollard, for the first time in his life, will be lighting Hanukah candles at his new home in Eretz Yisrael next week.

30 November 2017

Can There Be Unity With The Wicked?

13 Kislev 5778
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Vayishlach

Unity With The Wicked - Rav Richter 30.11.17 - Part 1

Unity With The Wicked - Rav Richter 30.11.17 - Part 2

~ Shabbat Shalom ~

Killer Wave Coming?

12 Kislev 5778

Information which has been kept secret for years is now coming out in an ever-growing, ever-strengthening stream that threatens to become a killer tidal wave for American Jews. Some readers might be offended by my assertion, but it would be irresponsible of me not to point out what I see as a mortal threat to fellow Jews. I just don't know what it is going to take to get the message across.

For weeks now, the US media has been unrelenting in its reportage, one after another, of prominent and powerful men being exposed as predators and harassers of women with no horrific detail being spared.

With yesterday's very public firing of a popular national television morning show host (Jewish father, non-Jewish mother), it feels like the tide is going to turn into a tsunami; one-inch red headlines on the popular Drudge Report for the past 24 hours being any indication.

I am convinced these are signs to American Jews to get out of Edom, even as we read in this week's haftarah about it's eventual utter destruction. If you don't keep up with this sort of "news," and I actually hope you don't (I wish I didn't), you may be completely unaware of how many Jewish "names" are involved. The gentile world has certainly taken notice and they don't distinguish between those with Jewish mothers and those with only a Jewish father (or even one with only a Jewish-sounding name).

Here is only one example of the kind of thing that is being repeated across cyberspace every day now...
  • Yet another KIKE... Anyone connecting the dots yet?!?!?!
  • Jews, Jews, Jews in the news. Lauer, Franken, Weiner, Weinstein, Epstein, Kreisberg, Ratner. Truly exceptional . . . sexual predators.
  • Are these people inherently corrupt because of their Jewishness, or is the Jewishness incidental to their corruption?
And that is the mildest of the lot on just one site reporting.

We have been warned time and again that antisemitism is going to rise to unbelievable levels in America. Believe it. Act now to protect yourself and your family while you still can. And God help us all!

28 November 2017

The "Miserable Expulsion"

11 Kislev 5778

It's Kislev, so why am I reminiscing about the expulsion from Gush Katif? One thing led to another and I discovered something that I think needs to be set right. I have heard many people curse Shas and accuse the religious Sephardi party of enabling Sharon to carry it out either because 1) they voted in favor of it, or 2) they abstained from voting. The party leader at the time - Eli Yishai - called it for what it was, the "miserable expulsion," instead of the government-and-media-favored term "disengagement."

In fact, according to an October 26, 2004 Ha'aretz article,...
All eleven Shas MKs voted against the plan, on the orders of the party's spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, as did six National Religious Party members, six National Union MKs and five United Torah Judaism MKs.
You can read an entire breakdown of the voting results right HERE.

I don't know how or why this disinformation has persisted, but I hope this will help to set the record straight.

This is not the only time Eli Yishai has correctly and cogently summed up a crisis situation. Revisiting a February 8, 2013 Israel HaYom article, I found the following...
...If there is forced conscription of the ultra-Orthodox, Yishai vows, there will be chaos.
..."There will be marches and processions of thousands, tens of thousands, in the streets," he said. "Thousands of yeshiva students will fill up the jail cells. Military Police officers will be running around aimlessly in Bnei Brak. You'll have a civilian uprising, pandemonium. Worst of all, those who are enlisting today will refuse to enlist en masse."
..."The Jewish people have been persecuted for decades," Yishai said angrily. "What haven't we been forced to endure? Expulsion, inquisition, Holocaust. Still, despite all of this, we have an identity, and this is all due to our Torah. If this wasn't preserved in every corner of the world, we would have disappeared, erased just like the empires that disappeared. We came to the State of Israel. Yet, here, of all places, in a world in which there are no rules as to who studies Torah and who doesn't, here people want to put quotas. Such a thing is unprecedented, and it will not ever come to pass."
Yishai shifts the conversation to changes that are already taking place. "This concept of 'the ultra-Orthodox don't serve in the army' is nonexistent," he said. "The figures show that there are thousands who are waiting to enlist in national service and the haredi Nahal infantry unit. There's even a huge influx of ultra-Orthodox youths going to college. Since the passage of the Tal Law, there's been a steady increase ? and the percentages are climbing quickly ? of ultra-Orthodox who are integrating into these frameworks. What happened, however, was that the quotas stipulated in the law by the state were never met because the treasury and the defense establishment did not take sufficient action to meet them."
"The Defense Ministry doesn't want a lot of ultra-Orthodox soldiers in the army because it needs to make the necessary contingency plans and this costs a great deal of money," Yishai said. "When the ultra-Orthodox public was offered a platform that met its needs as they pertained to kosher food, the presence of female soldiers, and the content of what they are taught, it agreed to go for it. This was mainly because this was done through agreement and consensus, not by coercion."
It's really worth reading the whole thing HERE.

More about Eli Yishai HERE.

27 November 2017

"Dumbed Down and Distracted"

10 Kislev 5778

Third Cheshvan Message from Meir Yisroel

I really don’t have much to say. All I can tell you is war, war, war, terrible war. World war is on the horizon. Truly we are already in a world war for quite a while and I am positive that this is the war of wars that has been spoken about in the news. Every detail of what is happening is clearly brought down in the Prophecies / Nevuas even down to the names of the countries who are the main players in what is happening all over the world.

People are being “dumbed down". They are being distracted by all kinds of violent actions on the part of so-called terrorists or mental patients. Most of these incidents, if not all, are really planned operations by the governments of the world in order to keep the world population occupied with so many threats to their safety that they don’t realize that a major world war can actually happen one day soon. Not only that but the mini solar system known as Nibiru or Hashavit in the Zohar, is already very close to us and its tremendous magnetic pull has been affecting the earth in terrible ways. Huge and strange natural disasters are killing off tremendous amounts of fish and wildlife. The melt down of the north and south pole areas and all the strange and dangerous weather deviations are happening all over the world including vast amounts of very dangerous earthquakes, hurricanes,
typhoons, volcanoes exploding and sink holes opening up across the globe, etc.

We are living in a time that is the most dangerous to the earth’s existence since the time of the Great Flood when Noach and his family were sent on a Divine mission to save humanity. Today that Ark of Noach is Eretz Yisroel not Medinas Yisroel and the only people that will survive are the true Jewish Neshomas and the righteous Goyim. Eretz Yisroel will not be harmed by these disasters of so-called nature. It won’t help anyone who is not a true Jewish Neshoma or a true righteous Goy to rush to Israel for safety. The Reshoim, the Amalaikim, the Edomim, the Yishmaelim etc., they won’t be helped by trying to find shelter in Eretz Yisroel because they will be destroyed in Eretz Yisroel because of their terrible Aveiros against Am Yisroel and against all humanity and by thinking in any way that they could go to war with Hashem. For all of these reasons they will be blotted out from all existence.

This may seem to some of you like an imaginative script for a movie, Chas Vesholom! It’s not! Its written in the Torah! It will happen! It will happen sooner than you think!

Messages from Esther and Menachem

23 November 2017

"Hope For All"

6 Kislev 5778
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Vayetzei

Rabbi Mordechai Sitorsky

Parashat Vayetzei: Hope For All

~ Shabbat Shalom ~

22 November 2017

"Super Wednesday"

5 Kislev 5778

Rav Richter - continuation (Pt 3) Frum from Birth VS Baal Teshuva

Why Can't We Have A JEWISH Army?

4 Kislev 5778

Our dear Nechama left a comment to yesterday's blog post which was too important to leave buried in the comment section so I am reproducing it here along with my response.
Nechama has left a new comment on your post "A Personal Message":

Everything is the will of Hashem, but doesn't Hashem work through people and nature? I don't have an opinion about army or Torah learning...I think everyone has to do what he feels is right for his soul. As a baal teshuvah, what's confusing to me is what exactly are the differences between the religious-zionists and the chareidi? Obviously their dress, degree of integration into secular society, and army service vs.Torah learning. But isn't that due to people choosing what they need to satisfy their Jewish souls in fulfilling their tasks in life? Both groups are still Torah Jews..I see more articles available in English explaining the religious-zionist views. Would you be willing to explain the chareidi view? I understand living apart, dressing more modestly, and from your comment, it seems that everything is betachon in Hashem...so does Israel need an army at all? I lock my door at night, but then I say shema to keep me safe?? Can you just offer insight into the approach of the chareidi world. I feel better knowing that there are yeshivas filled with learners of Torah. I have 2 nephews who are learners. I am very proud of them. I also have 2 nephews who are religious/yeshivish in the army. and I am proud of them also. Does Israel need an army? Does Hashem want us to have one? what are the chareidi views. I'm being sincere in my questions because I do hear chareidi bashing over the protests and I think it's terrible. If someone wants to learn, he should be able to and if someone wants to serve in the army, in a religious unit, he should be respected as well. So what's going on? You're a wonderful blogger, please help with information so people can respond to the negative criticism going on back and forth...even within families.
Thank you for your honest and heartfelt questions, Nechama, but for answers all I can give you are my own thoughts and opinions based on my learning.

First, I am not Chareidi in the sense that most people use the term. In fact, I live in a mixed secular-religious yishuv, but I consider myself chardal (chareidi-dati leumi). I have taken what I believe to be the best (most true to Torah) from both worlds.

I can't agree with those who say Judaism is simply a religion and land is totally unimportant anymore than I can agree with those who want to throw religion out altogether. And I might agree with the current demonstrators if I knew what they really wanted, but I don't agree with their methods. In any case, I choose not to express an opinion on that particular subject because I don't have enough information to make an informed opinion.

Yes, we need an army. We must provide the kli through which Hashem does His miracles, but if, God forbid, the kli were missing, Hashem would act openly and on His own to save us. We are an eternal people and that does not depend on anything that we do. Knowing that, we are forbidden to depend on miracles, yes? It's a balancing act and we have to be so careful not to veer too far to either side. We have to be careful not to put all our faith in a human institution on the one hand or depend too much on miracles on the other.

It is worth recalling, however, that every Jew in our history was either a warrior or prepared to be one as the need required, and without the benefit of an organized institution such as the IDF is today, which concerns itself not only with the defense of the nation, but with exerting cultural and societal influence as well.

When the institution itself becomes an existential threat and the danger it presents begins to outweigh it's usefulness, it's time to think about either a replacement or a complete overhaul. But, if it is viewed as something sacrosanct - beyond question or criticism - or when people lack the vision to imagine that it can be better, and not just when Mashiach comes, then there is no hope to improve the situation.

Some people say: "It's not perfect, but it's all we have." This is the worst possible attitude to take. It CAN be better, MUCH better, and it is in our hands to make it so. It is our responsibility and our obligation to remove the threat it has come to represent to us rather then to our enemies! For the sake of our children and our future, we have to wake up from this delusion that nothing can change until Mashiach comes or worse, that nothing NEEDS to change.

In my view, the first step to change is recognition that this is NOT a Jewish state and we do NOT have a Jewish army. It is foreign in concept and foreign in "values." Once good Jews can accept that, we can talk about how to make it better - not perfect - but much improved, JEWISH for a start!

I found the following video after I had written the above. But, Rabbi Bar-Hayim was one of my first teachers. I guess maybe the learning stuck.

21 November 2017

A Personal Message

3 Kislev 5778

Let it be known that as soon as a commenter stops addressing valid points in an argument or expressing an opinion on a subject and degenerates to bashing fellow Jews who follow a different shita, that's when the comments will be rejected. I declined to be drawn into the Religious Zionist vs. Chareidi contest twenty years ago and nothing has changed.

Speaking of comments, I continue to be surprised, although I don't know why, that there are Jews who read this blog who can say or imply that Jewish existence in Eretz Yisrael is dependent upon anything other than the will of HKB"H.

Prepare for it people, the IDF and the State it protects, are anti-Torah and idolized by a large part of the public. As such, they will, of necessity, have to fall. Neither are sacrosanct.

(And for those who claim we can't exist here without the money of US Jews, well, that's going, too.)

The Hasbarites have a favorite saying: "If all the Arabs laid down their weapons tomorrow, there would be peace. If Israel laid down its weapons, it would be destroyed."

So speak those with no faith and no understanding. We will have another Yam Suf moment and then you will know.

I'll finish this with a personal revelation which may help you understand my position better. When I was seventeen years old, I stood with my homeroom class for the pledge of allegiance to the flag and the reading of scripture that started every school day. I stood at attention, kept my right hand firmly at my side and my mouth firmly closed. I could not pledge my allegiance to America because all of my allegiance was already pledged to HKB"H. Nothing has changed there either.

As far as I am concerned, until Mashiach comes, we are still being ruled by a foreign power. The fact that it goes by the name Israel just makes it that much more dangerous to us spiritually.

20 November 2017

There Is An Israeli Army, But Not A Jewish Army

2 Kislev 5778

So the Arab-loving/Christian-loving President of Israel declined to grant Elor Azaria release from prison - a place he never should have been in the first instance.
...Rivlin’s office said that the president believes that any further reduction of the sentence would “harm the strength of the Israel Defense Forces and of the State of Israel,” adding that “the IDF’s values, including purity of arms,” are fundamental to the Israeli army’s strength.
According to another report, yeshivah students who arrive to register for the draft are being asked unusual questions like what would they do if they found themselves in a situation similar to Elor Azaria? And what would they do if a commander issued an order that conflicted with Torah law?

The message here is clear: If your intent as a soldier is to kill the enemy in a time of war, do not apply to the IDF! If your intent is to remain a Jew faithful to the Holy Torah, DO NOT apply to the IDF!!

I personally do not believe that there exists a religious soldier in the IDF who has not been required at some point to compromise on Torah law and/or practice. 

By the same token, there is an Israeli State, but it's NOT a Jewish State. 

19 November 2017

Modern Hellenists, World War III and Planet X

2 Kislev 5778

Two new messages from Meir Yisroel given in Cheshvan 5778...

I. We are getting close to Chanukah. Chanukah is a very special time. It is a time celebrating the great war that brought to the down fall of the conquerors that invaded Eretz Yisroel. The time when a few brave Tzaddikim had the courage to say we are not letting the evil continue to rule over the good. We are loyal only to Hakodosh Boruch Hu and no other and we will rather die than be made Tomei (spiritually polluted) by the Goyim. The story of the Maccabim has played a great part in our history. It makes it clear that a Jew is not allowed in any way or form to let Goyim or Hellenistic Jews force him into leaving, Chas Vesholom, Hakadosh Boruch Hu and bowing down, Chas Vesholom, to their false gods. 

Today in the world we live in we are in the same situation. The Hellenists together with the leaders of many of the western countries have infiltrated our homeland pretending that Israel, the land of Israel, has really become a Jewish state with an army, a judicial system, a ministry of education and all the other political departments needed to run a government. At the very top of this pyramid stands the Knesset which is supposedly the greatest sign of the democracy of the new Israel, of the new Jew, a so-called Jewish State of Israel. However, this is all a lie. This is not a Jewish state. This is Eretz Yisroel. The state has no connection to Judaism, even though it has a so-called Chief Rabbi and the government pretends to be a Jewish government but it isn’t. It’s a Hellenistic government meaning that they are in their souls not Jews. They were born Jews to Jewish parents but they have souls of the Erev Rav and it doesn’t matter if those that sit in the Knesset are so-called Chilonim or Datiim or socalled Chareidim. They are Misyavnim-Hellenists no matter what. They are cooperating in the plan to turn all of the State of Israel and its Jewish population into total Hellenists in every sense of the word, trying to detach the Jewish Neshoma from its source of life, Chas Vesholom. But it won’t work. The Jews are very small in numbers especially after so many Yidden were murdered in Europe. However, Hakadosh Boruch Hu is going to send His Shaliach to destroy the world as we know it including the vast majority of the Goyim that throughout the generations have tried with the greatest ambition to succeed in eliminating every Jew on earth. These Goyim are born with a Jew hatred gene in their bodies. These people are now ruling the world and there are many Hellenistic Jews that have become part of this group who are now ruling over much of the world. However, as in the story of Chanukah this small group of Yidden are going to rise up against the idols, the false gods of this generation and rise up against the leaders that are directing the whole world into Avodah Zorah where everything that the Torah prohibits is allowed. Avodah Zora brings a person lower than an animal and easy to rule over. But there has already started to be a group of Tzaddikim who are loyal believers in Hakadosh Boruch Hu, The Hakol Yachol, and know that if they don’t do something now Hashem will let the Goyim destroy us, Chas Vesholom. But every Jew that says “stop” I am not going to an army that’s run by civil law, that condones terrible Aveiros and even encourages it. Besides the fact that according to the Torah a Yid was never allowed to form an official army in the State of Israel, it’s against Ratzon Hashem, but Hashem let them do it because as in the time of the Maccabim, we have to prove to Him before Moshiach is revealed that we are willing to give our lives to protect the Holy Torah and we will be willing to get lashes for it, to show Him that we are willing to sacrifice our Gashmiusdik life, to show the world that we are loyal only to Hashem Yisborach forever. 

The world as we know it is collapsing on every side. Those few Jews who stand against the ones who are trying to take away, some times by force and sometimes by persuasion, their eternal connection with Hashem, they will be the ones that will pave the way for Moshiach to be revealed. Many will join them in their holy endeavors but still we are a very tiny people in numbers and if we take out of our ranks also the Erev Rav and the Amalaikim and even the Edomim who have infiltrated over the years of the Gallus our population, then we are even smaller in numbers then the official count of the 15 million Jews in the world. So how can we fight the enormous population of the whole world which would like nothing better than to chew us up and spit us out?! Hashem is going to send heavenly bodies, something beyond man’s imagination and ability to defend himself against something that has visited our planet before and has destroyed most of it. This thing that is coming will be the punishment of the people of every country that have persecuted the Yidden, who have always been the servants of Hashem through all of history. Therefore, when all is said and done the earth will not be the earth as we know it today. The vast majority of the population of the world will be killed and as it is written in the Nevuas twothirds of the world will be destroyed. One part totally will be destroyed, one part will be very badly hurt and one part will be left without any major damage. Eretz Yisroel is in the part that will not be damaged. When in Shomayim Hashem sees, so-to-speak, that His Yidden have been willing to sacrifice themselves for their total love of Hakadosh Boruch Hu and His Torah, for their willingness to fight for His honor and to fight against those that want to destroy the next generation of Yidden completely, then in their Zechus Hashem will reveal Moshiach Tzidkainu. That’s all I can say about the future. However, it’s very soon and all of those brave Avreichim and Bochurim and their mothers and fathers and wives and children and their Rabbonim that encourage them to fight against the Avodah Zorah and the Egel Hazahav and the evil ones that are ruling, these brave young men and their families are the Maccabim of today. So Am Yisroel take heed, do not be afraid. Your schools have been invaded by foreign ideas that, Chas Vesholom, could destroy your children’s Yiddishkeit. There are schools that are supposedly Frum that are teaching from not Frum text books and teaching professions that can only bring to the down fall of Jewish Frum families, Chas Vesholom. These things are sanctioned by Rabbonim, however, the Rabbonim I am sure have good intentions and they believe all kinds of Askonim that hide from them what is really happening in the world of Jewish education or shall I call it “reeducation" meaning a program to twist the young people’s minds in the ways of the Reshoim. Save your children. Save their futures. Get rid of the materialistic toys like iPhones that take away your mind and open it up to all of the Schmutz of the world, all of the lies of the world. See what your children are learning in school. Be sure that nothing foreign has come into it and if you do find something have the courage to remove it. Don’t worry Hashem is the Hakol Yachol. Even though the Reshoim think they control most of the world and its armies and all of their fancy weapons of destruction they can’t win because the Hakol Yachol, Hakadosh Boruch Hu created them as well as all the world that exists and He has no problem to destroy it with them. Their weapons cannot stop Hakadosh Boruch Hu! He created everything! No one can harm Him in any way! The Reshoim of every generation didn’t learn the lesson of Nimrod and Migdal Bovel where they in their stupidity actually believed they could wage war against Hashem. 

Am Yisroel the Yom Hagadol Vihanorah is so close! Don’t lose your place in the world to come by joining the ranks of the doomed peoples of the world, the ones who still worship the Egel Hazahav. Come back now to Hashem. Stand up against all efforts by the Reshoim to pull you away from your Kedusha and your Emunah and Bitachon in Hakadosh Boruch Hu. Guard your children against any of the bad influences. Save their precious Neshomas and just remember whoever is with Hashem, Hashem will be with him forever.

II. This week war will come infinitely closer. At the moment the drums of war are not yet so clear to be heard, but very soon it will come upon us as a surprise, a very terrible surprise. For most people it will be a shock because even though the media has been talking about it they do it in such a way that people just don’t take it seriously. It doesn’t sound so serious on the radio or on the television. Therefore they tend to ignore it. However, anyone with any kind of eyesight or foresight can understand very clearly that the world as we know it is in for a terrible, terrible catastrophe. First of all, a terrible, horrible war that the movies have been readying us for in the last thirty years. At last science fiction will be coming true! It won’t be a movie. It will be real and the population of the earth won’t be actors and actresses but the victims of their own evil. It will start with a world war that was foretold also in the prophecies. 

The First World War that started officially in 1914, the Second World War that started officially between 1938 and 1939, and now we are going into the Third World War which was foretold by the Chofetz Chaim. The First World War was relatively primitive in weapons and in military abilities but twenty years after the First World War ended the countries of the world were much more advanced in their killing machines. Now we are coming to the Third World War where the weapons that man has invented can wipe out totally cities like New York which has between eight to ten million people living there. Cities like London, Paris Los Angeles or New Delhi etc. can be totally destroyed. The evil has spread so much around the world that there are very few people left that have not been twisted by it. Therefore, before the war or after the war or together with the war, I am not sure when, we are going to have a heavenly visitor in the shape of a mini solar system that Hashem is sending to destroy the evil. I know you don’t want to believe this but anyway its true and Hashem has sent this before also in the time of the Mabul. However, it’s an obvious messenger direct from Hakadosh Boruch Hu. No man, no human being can direct a mini solar system to the earth to punish and delete the evil because Hashem created everything. He also created this mini solar system specifically to do this job. 

I suggest very strongly to all true Jews, open up your Siddurim. Open up your Tehillim and start Davening. Don’t think that what I am saying isn’t true. Much of this is foretold in the Nevuas, the Zohar, and Tehillim and in many other Mekoros - sources. 

I am not trying to frighten you. If you’re a Yid who is trying to be close to Hashem and trying to do Teshuva for your Aveiros, you have nothing to fear. All the rest of the population the Erev Rav, the Amalaikim, the Edomim, the Yishmaelim and all the evil Goyim will also disappear. The Goyim that believe in Hashem, that know that there is one Creator of Everything, those Goyim will live also. They will be few in numbers. Am Yisroel, we were created by The Hakol Yachol to be His servants forever. We have to live up to that job that we are supposed to do. We are coming to the point where all of our Tikkunim will be finished and we will be able to reach the level that Hashem intended us to reach at this time of history just before we will be able to be Makriv Korbonos in the third Bais Hamikdosh. We still have a long way to go after that but it will be without evil. Therefore, it will be an almost totally spiritual experience which will fill us with love and loyalty to Hashem, with the desire only to serve Him in any way possible and this will be complete enjoyment for us. We will desire nothing but to be close to Hashem by serving Him. 

The words I, me and my won’t exist. Everyone will desire the good of his neighbor. It’s hard to describe how it will be to people who are still fighting with the Yetzer Hora but I can guarantee you it will be bliss. Prepare yourselves, the World War is coming soon. Eretz Yisroel will be the safest place to be throughout all the difficulties we are going to have to go through. Do not be afraid. Keep davening. Do the Mitzvos as best as you can and you will be saved from all the tribulations that are awaiting us. This is the generation of the Geula Sheleimah and I beg my brothers and sisters to realize always that we have been created specially to serve Hashem. Any Jew that does not believe this intuitively is not a Jew. We are at the end! We still have to suffer through many things but we can already start seeing clearly the light at the end of the tunnel.