22 October 2017

"Viral" Antisemitism On Its Way?

2 Marcheshvan 5778

Yehudit's Prophecy...  
Antisemitism will rise to unimaginable heights.  Jews of the United States will be forced to flee like fugitives, because those who survived the weather disasters will not be able to survive the tremendous waves of hatred against them.
It's coming...

I received a link to the following video Friday afternoon. By the time Shabbat had gone out, NPR, Newsweek and the Jerusalem Post had picked it up. Today it's on ZeroHedge, Arutz Sheva and other sites. Tomorrow...

You Won't Believe Why They Could Withhold Relief Funds from Harvey Victims

Published October 19, 2017 and already has 72,972 views

A Closer Look - (Part 1 of 2)

2 Marcheshvan 5778

At the book launch last Sunday for Rivkah Adler's "Ten From the Nations," she introduced two Christian contributors - Kimberly Rogers-Brown and Dean Bye.

It's worth taking a closer look at these two "Torah-returnees from among the nations."

Who is this "rebbetzin" standing in front of the ark in a Jerusalem synagogue eager to speak to Jews? It's Kimberly Rogers-Brown, a self-proclaimed Ephraimite, contributor to Rivkah Adler's book and a featured speaker at the book launch last Sunday. 

Here is how she characterizes the book on her facebook page...

Yes, and this is the most dangerous time ever for Jews as the lines have become so blurred that many Jews no longer recognize who is the enemy and who is the true brother. But like I've said before these are the same old Christians no matter how they dress or what they claim about being "lost-tribes."

In Kimberly's own words from a "teaching" she gave to other Ephraimite-Christians...
G~d is calling His lost sheep, the physical House of Israel, to Him in these last days for the purpose of acknowledging who they truly are to create an unbreakable alliance with the House of Judah, the Jews. We all know that accepting Yeshua as our personal savior makes us a Child of G~d and a spiritual descendant of Abraham,....
The House of Israel was scattered for their disobedience to the Torah. Now, we must return to it.... 
Pay close attention to the next part where she defines "Torah" for Christians...
...To return to our Hebrew roots means to return to obedience to The Torah. Obedience to The Torah is the real end-times battle line.

The total difference between G~d's children and the children of Satan is our obedience to the Torah, the Word Made Flesh. Understand that Yeshua IS the Torah. The Torah is His Word and He was made flesh. Yeshua fulfilled the Torah and is our Messiah, but Christians denied and disobeyed The Torah just as The House of Israel did. Now, we are being gathered back. Part of this ingathering is in our return to obedience of the Torah.

...G~d expects His Hebrew children to keep the Torah, accept Yeshua as Savior and Messiah AND understand their physical roots. This can only happen when the lost House of Israel regains knowledge of her physical ancestry and the Jews accept Yeshua as Savior and Messiah. The two go hand in hand - especially during The End Times.
This is one of the chosen representatives for the people Rivkah's book is all about! This is a woman on a mission who inspired another woman to take on a mission. 

I want desperately to believe that Rivkah Adler just does not really understand the true nature of what she is involved with or how dangerous her "mission" is to Klal Yisrael. If you read enough of the Christian treif Torah that Rogers-Brown is teaching, you can actually hear and feel the latent antisemitism just below the surface. Take this recent diatribe written by Kimberly to a Jew commenting to Ephraimites on Tommy Waller's facebook page...

Ridiculous, I know. None of the Israelites in the Northern Kingdom had yet been exiled when Yonah was sent to Ninveh. In fact, one commentator in the Artscroll Yom Kippur Machzor gives the opinion that one of the reasons Yonah was sent to Ninveh was because unless they would repent their evil ways, they would not be worthy to be used by God as the rod of His correction against the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Yonah knew prophetically that they were destined to exile the Northern Kingdom and he wanted no part of it. But, if you are a Christian, you never let the facts get in the way of your theology. They just make this stuff up in their heads and then tell it for the gospel truth.

However, don't suppose that their "Jewish brothers" will set them straight. Gidon Ariel, who was also one of "the four" invited to speak at the book launch and who is listed on the Amazon Books site as a co-author, responded this way to a seeker on his own website...

To be continued, iy"H...

20 October 2017

Noah: In One Word - Faith

30 Tishrei 5778
Rosh Chodesh Aleph
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Noah

The one word that pops into my mind when I think of Noah is "faith." I don't think there is any possible way for us to understand what kind of unshakable, immovable faith it took for Noah to brave the doubts, scorn and criticism of his generation to spend 120 years building an ark to survive a global extinction level event (ELE) that only he saw coming.

I suppose one could say Noah's talk of a Great Flood to wipe out all living things on earth could be compared to the talk we hear today about Nibiru. And those predictions are not even as dire as what Noah warned about. However, I wonder if the population then had to also contend with an organized public disinformation campaign like we have today.

Any time there is warning of doom, people are skeptical and rightly so. We have to consider the source. There are a lot of crazy people out there who are just spouting nonsense. But, at some point, there will be evidence to point to if it's true.

In our case, there is mounting evidence that is becoming more and more impossible to ignore that something very strange, unusual and maybe even unprecedented is happening to our planet. These are the very words we are reading every day in the news reports as well as descriptors like "apocalyptic" and "Biblical."

I wonder... Has there ever been a time in our history when Parashat Noah was more apt than it is today, this year? Especially since Rosh Chodesh Elul when the sun darkened across Edom?

It is something to think seriously about as we enter the new month Cheshvan - the month in which global judgment came to the earth in time past.


See also two more new messages from Meir Yisroel: Here and here.

19 October 2017

"A Life Well Lived"

29 Tishrei 5778

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe this one will make an impression.

Life in this world can be compared to virtual reality. When you are inside the illusion, it can seem very real. It can seem like the only reality there is since one is blind to the world around him while he is inside it.

But, the day comes when we "wake up" to that true reality and I'm sure it is a shocking experience. Better for us if we can keep this in mind every day - that this world we can see now is an illusion created for us to determine who will be worthy to enter and live in the real world that is to come.

18 October 2017

Whatever This Is, It Isn't Torah

28 Tishrei 5778

We are admonished not to base our actions and decisions upon our own thinking...
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely upon your understanding. Know Him in all your ways, and He will direct your paths. Do not be wise in your own sight; fear the Lord and turn away from evil."  (Mishlei 3:5-7)
Rivkah Adler has explained many times in interviews that her goal with the Ephraimite book is to bring Jews into relationship with Christians. She expresses a belief that both Jews and Christians are part of one family and the Torah belongs to all. She admits her goal is to "build bridges" between the two faith groups.

And what sources does she bring to back her up? - "I'd like to think" and "to my mind." 

She often refers to her lack of familiarity with the Tanakh, so maybe she never read the caution in Mishlei that I've quoted up above.

Seemingly as deluded as her Christian friends, Rivkah Adler seems to honestly believe that what she is doing and what she is attempting to do is "from God." But, how can that possibly be when it goes completely against Torah and halachah

Out of the 613 mitzvot, not one commands us to be a "light to the nations" or to "teach Torah to the nations" or even share Torah with the nations. But, out of the 613 mitzvot, there are no less than 18 which directly address idolatry by name - one of the three sins for which a Jew must die rather than commit.

From The Concise Book of Mitzvoth complied by the Chafetz Chaim:
  • To entertain no thought that there is any other god except the blessed God.
  • To make no idol to worship.
  • Not to make any idol to be worshiped [by himself or by anyone else], even for a heathen.
  • Not to bow down and prostrate oneself to an idol.
  • Not to worship an idol in any way that it is usually venerated.
  • Not to swear in the name of an idol.
  • Not to lead a town in Israel astray to worship in idolatry.
  • To eat or drink nothing from an offering to an idol.
  • Not to turn one's attention to idolatry.
  • To have no benefit from any decoration of an idol or from its ornaments.
  • To have no benefit from an idol, from its offering or its attendants, or anything done on its behalf. [Considering that this is the basis upon which Hayovel offers its services to Israeli farmers, that means no Jew may have benefit from the grapes they pick or the wine that comes from them.]
  • Not to intermarry with a non-Jewish person. [Interesting juxtaposition by the Chafetz Chaim.]
  • To have no mercy on idol-worshipers.
  • Not to pay any heed to a person prophesying in the name of an idol.
  • To entice no one in Jewry to worship an idol. [Enticing Jews to form loving relationships with idolaters is so close as to be right on the edge!]
  • For the enticed person not to relinquish his hatred for the enticer*.
  • Not to rescue the enticer if one sees him in danger of death.
  • Not to prophesy in the name of an idol.
  • Not to settle idol-worshipers in our holy land. [Har Brachah???]
Call this whatever you want, but don't call it "Orthodox Judaism." Orthodox do not pick and choose what mitzvot they will adhere to and do not throw parts of the Torah out because we are suddenly announced to be in a "new era."

This is a very, very serious subject, but it is being given very short shrift by Jews ignorant of the real Torah.

* מסיתEnticement to idolatry in Judaism is a capital offence under the Law of Moses. The Talmud distinguishes two types of enticers to idolatry - a mesit (Hebrew: מסית‎‎) is a Jew who seduces an individual to idolatry, while a maddiah is someone who publicly entices many into idolatry. An enticer to idolatry may be both.

The Law of Moses likewise takes a strong and non-compassionate approach to the enticer due to the offensive service of idolatry to which the enticer seeks to draw worshipers. The crime of the enticer to idolatry was so serious and dangerous that in some cases some legal (halakhic) requirements of due process could be relaxed in order to entrap the enticer.

In the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides the prohibition "Not to love an enticer" is listed as a negative commandment. (Source)

17 October 2017

Avraham Avinu's Mission

27 Tishrei 5778

People tend to think that the world is the same today as it was yesterday or, even worse, that it is progressing from a primitive state to a more advanced state. The world that exists today is not the same world that existed in the past and I'm not just referring to the cultural environment. The world before the Great Flood no longer existed after the Flood and the world before the Great Dispersion and Confusion of Languages was changed forever in its aftermath. When the world changes, we change also. What was appropriate and possible at one point in time is quite possibly no longer true at a future time. 

Excerpted from the Ramchal's Derech Hashem (II:4:3-6)...
...When Adam sinned, he fell from his original high level, and brought upon himself a great degree of darkness and insensitivity.... Mankind in general also fell from its original height, and remained on a degraded level where it was not at all worthy of the eternal high degree of excellence originally destined for it.
...Nevertheless, even in the time of his downfall, the elevated aspect that existed in man as a result of his true root was not completely extinguished. Adam was therefore not cast aside completely, and could still return to the higher level....
God gave Adam's descendants a free choice at that time to strengthen themselves and strive to elevate themselves from this lower state and regain the higher level.
The  Higher Wisdom, however, determined the length of time best suited for such an effort, and accordingly set a time limit for these generations. ..everything that involves effort must be limited in time.
The Highest Wisdom deemed it fitting that this effort be divided into a period for the roots, and another for the branches. The original effort would thus be that of the roots, while what would come later would involve the branches.
The human race initially had a chance to permanently regain its original state and rectify the spiritual damage that had been done. The proper procedure would have been for the roots and heads of Adam's descendants to first elevate themselves to the rectified level. Once this was accomplished, both the roots and their branches would remain in this state forever, since the branches always follow the roots.
The time provided for generations to function as roots, however, was limited. During this period, the gate was open and the opportunity existed for any individual to properly prepare himself and permanently become a good and worthy root. He would then be prepared for a high degree of excellence, appropriate for man in his original state, rather than that of a man in his fallen state.
Since this individual would perfect himself as a Root, he would attain this for his deserving descendants as well as for himself. They would all receive what he attained, and would therefore all be able to remain on the level and state attained by him as their root.
The period during which this was possible extended from the time of Adam until the Generation of Separation [when the Tower of Bavel was built]. During this period there never ceased to be some righteous people who preached the truth to the multitudes, warning them to correct themselves. These included such individuals as Chanoch, Mesushelach, Shem, and Ever.
Man's measure was filled, however, in the Generation of Separation. God's Attribute of Justice then decreed that the time when men could be considered roots should come to a close.
...God then scrutinized all mankind, perceiving the levels that should be made permanent in that generation's members according to their deeds. These things then became a permanent part of their nature in their aspect as roots. it was thus decreed they each should bear future generations, all possessing the qualities that were deemed appropriate for their root ancestor.
...it turned out that none of them deserved to rise above the degraded level to which Adam and his children had fallen as a result of their sin.
There was, however, one exception, and that was Avraham. He had succeeded in elevating himself, and as a result of his deeds was chosen by God. Avraham was therefore permanently made into a superior excellent Tree, conforming to man's highest level. It was further provided that he would be able to produce branches [and father a nation] possessing his characteristics.
The world was then divided into seventy nations, each with its own particular place in the general scheme. All of them, however, remained on the level of man in his fallen state, while only Israel was in the elevated state.
Even though it may seem that man was originally the same as he is now, there is actually a great difference. Before the Generation of Separation, man existed in the age of roots, and was dealt with accordingly. When this period ended, things were judged and made permanent, and a new age began. This is the age of branches, which still exists.
God's great love and goodness decreed that the branches of other nations still be given a chance. If they so desired, they still had the free choice to tear themselves loose from their own roots, and through their own actions include themselves among the branches of Avraham's family.
This is what God meant when he told Avraham (Breishis 12:3), "All the families of the earth will be blessed through you." Avraham was thus made the father of all converts.
[This, however, would require effort on the part of the individuals concerned.] Without such effort, they would remain attached to their own roots and retain their natural characteristics.
...God also gave the nations a last chance. ...If any nation would have then accepted the Torah, it would have elevated itself from its lower state. As it was, none of them desired the Torah, and their judgment was therefore sealed completely. The gate was permanently closed, never again to be opened
It still remained possible, however, for any individual to convert to Judaism. In this manner, he could still include himself in Avraham's tree of his own free will.
[This] meant that [the other nations] would have to remain on the lower level.... This lower state would never have been meant for man if Adam had not sinned.
...These nations still have the human aspect, blemished though it may be, and God desired that they should at least have a counterpart of what was actually appropriate for all mankind.
He therefore granted them a Divine Soul (neshamah) somewhat like that of a Jew, even though it is on a much lower level. They were likewise given commandments, through which they could attain both material and spiritual advantages appropriate to their nature. These are the seven [universal] commandments given to the children of Noach.
Excerpted from Rabbi Zalman Sorotzkin's Insights in the Torah on Lech Lecha...
התהלך לפני והיה תמים - Walk before Me and be perfect. Publicize My Name in this world, as you have been doing until now. This may require you to meet and debate idolaters and heretics, to listen to their distorted views about God in order to make them aware of the truth. Such arguments could possibly taint your perfection. But strive to eradicate them completely, both them and their views, and you will remain "perfect," a tzadik of perfect faith!
ויפל אברם על-פניו - Abram fell on his face: Abraham's life goal was to bring all the nations to faith in the Living God. As is known, he would attract passersby by offering them drinks, and then some would heed his call to convert.
But, when he heard the new condition for conversion, namely circumcision, he was seized with trembling, for henceforth his goal would be beyond reach.  What fool would listen to him to undergo an operation on his own flesh? Abraham fell on his face in great anguish, like a man whose ship had sunk at sea.
This is what is behind Chazal's statement (Breishis Rabbah Ch. 46), "Before I underwent circumcision they would come and join me, but who will come now that I am circumcised?" God answered him:
אני הנה בריתי אתך - As for Me, this is My covenant with you. I do not need a lot of "converts"," who come to "look for God" among the food and drink, and who are unwilling to shed their blood on the altar of faith. It is sufficient for Me that you keep My covenant. I am content to have one believer like you, who goes through fire and water to sanctify My Name.
"If you accept circumcision upon yourself, then you and I shall suffice for the world" (Tanchuma, Lech Lecha 24). And although "The king's glory is in great multitudes" (Mishlei 14:28), those multitudes would emerge from Abraham himself, who was destined to become "father of a multitude of nations" (17:5).
והקמתי את בריתי ביני ובינך - I will ratify My covenant between Me and you. But do not fear that you will remain the only believer in the world. I promise that the covenant will also apply to "your offspring after you throughout their generations" (ibid.).
Jews are compassionate and they want to make it easy, give the Torah away to the nations. But this is not derech Hashem! You can't make it easy for those not born to it. They have to "strengthen themselves and strive to elevate themselves" like Avraham Avinu did. Without zechut avot, they have to do the same work themselves that Avraham did. It is unavoidable.
"...if you seek it like silver, and hunt for it like treasuresthen you will understand the fear of the Lord, and you will find the knowledge of God." (Mishlei 2:4-5)
"Silver" and "treasures" are not easily come by. They take a lot of diligent work and hard effort.

When the age of roots ended, so did Avraham's mission. It did not devolve to his descendants to continue it because the time was past. The time for appealing to the nations was over.

Today, wherever Bnei Yisrael live as Torah Jews, they exude a light which draws individual worthy souls to seek out their Creator just as Avraham Avinu did. As Ramchal points out, they must do the work for themselves, no Jew can do it for them. (That's the teaching of Christianity!)

The Jews' light is created by their limud Torah, ma'asei mitzvot and gemilut chasadim. It can travel through the spiritual worlds and ignite a spark within worthy souls that causes them to reach out for HKB"H who is always on the lookout. For each one, He personally designs an obstacle course which will prove their worthiness to inherit from their spiritual father. At some point, they will need to approach a Jew - only then should help be offered and even then one should "draw close with the right hand and push away with the left."

Earlier generations knew and understood these things much better than we do today. It behooves us to look to them for guidance. It is very easy to do the wrong thing with the best of intentions.

With regard to the nations' obligations in the Seven Laws, the internet has made it possible to communicate this knowledge and spread it throughout the world without the need for any Jew to take away from his Divine or communal obligations or to engage with the nations on a personal level in violation of Torah commandments.

16 October 2017

"Destroy the Evil from Your Midst"

26 Tishrei 5778

Right now, Democracy protects the missionary predator's "right" to prey upon his unsuspecting victims, but the Torah commands us to "destroy the evil from your midst" specifically with regard to enticing Jews in Eretz Yisrael to follow another god.
Devarim 17.2-7...
If there will be found among you, in one of your cities which Hashem, your God gives you, a man or woman who commits what is  evil in the eyes of Hashem, your God, to violate His covenant, and he will go and serve gods of others and prostrate himself to them, or to the sun, or to the moon, or to any host of the heaven, which I have not commanded; and it will be told to you, and you will hear; then you shall investigate well, and behold! it is true, the testimony is correct - this abomination was done in Israel - then you shall bring out that man or that woman who has committed this evil thing to your cities - the man or the woman - and you shall pelt them with stones, so that they will die. By the testimony of two witnesses, or three witnesses, shall the condemned person be put to death; he shall not be put to death by the testimony of a single witness. The hand of the witnesses shall be upon him first to put him to death, and the hand of the entire people afterward, and you shall destroy the evil from your midst.

Criminal Missionary Predator (20 Sep 2017)

Who will deliver us from this missionary scourge?!

Right now, is the time to get your head and heart set straight, because a deliverer will surely come and those faithful to God and to His covenant will be required like the Leviim at the time of the Golden Calf, to execute God's judgment. Get your thinking straight on this issue. Bring your thoughts and emotions into submission to the demands of your Master and King because the time will surely come - and it is not far off - when we will be called upon to prove our loyalty to HKB"H's Torah.

"And saviors will ascend Mount Zion to judge the Mountain of Esau, and the kingdom will be Hashem's." (The final pasuk of Prophet Ovadiah)

12 October 2017

WAR ON SUKKOT! (Final - Collaborators)

23 Tishrei 5778
Isru Chag - Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat B'reishit

Part 7

Sukkot may be over, but the war continues...

I find "collaborate" to be an interesting choice of words in this quote from the Christians who have organized a joint Christian/Jewish Bible Study in the Knesset which is scheduled to begin on Sunday, October 15, 2017.

On the same day, there will be yet another attack on the purity of Am Yisrael with the help of those the Christians themselves would term "collaborators."

Why is Tommy Waller excited about this book launch? Because it will help to further the Ephraimite/Hayovel long-term plan for claiming their inheritance in Eretz Yisrael by building relationships that bring Jews and Christians together as "one new man."

Back in May 2017, I wrote a blog post which included a portion of an interview given by Rivkah Adler to New Covenant Israel Radio* in which she described her book idea and asked for people to send her their stories. She compiled them into this book which purportedly represents the "Torah Awakening Among Non-Jews."

But, the term "non-Jew" can be misleading. The majority of the names of people whose stories are included in this book are associated with the Ephraimite Christian movement like Tommy Waller. And this language - "Torah Awakening" - is used on their websites, except they use the word "Christian" rather than non-Jew. 

Those chosen to be in this book, by and large, remain believers in and followers of the Christian man-god Yeshu despite however many years they've been in contact with "Orthodox" Jews. They are supposed to be on  a "path", but they aren't arriving at the truth. And they are supposed to be "awakening to Torah," but they remain with eyes firmly closed to the Torah's truth. We were told in 2006 that Tommy Waller was on this same path that turns out to lead nowhere as today he has not budged an inch from his original Christian faith. 

Fast forward five months. The book is finished and ready to be launched...

[You can see who is going here.]

Listen to what Rivkah tells the Hebrew Nation (Ephraimite Christian) Radio about it...

...followed by an interesting response from Mike Clayton**...

Coincidentally (or not), Hayovel recruits volunteers via Hebrew Nation Radio...

When Mike Clayton speaks of Christians awakening to or embracing Torah, what Jew would imagine that it's just another veiled reference to the Christian man-god Yeshu?

Here is more Ephraimite theology from a "non-Jew" who is "awakening to Torah"...

The following comes from the website of the woman whom Rivkah credits with inspiring her to compile this book. Her story is included in it...

It would be funny if it were not so catastrophic. The Jews think the Christians are awakening to the Torah while the Christians think this new openness on the part of religious Jews signals their awakening to Yeshu, God forbid!

Two thousand years ago, the Maccabees fought a 25-year war to eradicate Hellenism from our land. It wasn't long before the Greek Hellenism was replaced by the Roman Christianity as the next attempt to assimilate Jews into extinction.

After 1900 years of failure, they finally hit upon the right combination for some success. "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." At first it was called Hebrew Christianity, then Messianic Judaism followed by the so-called Ephraimite movement. Daniel Botkin talks about it in an article he wrote in 2002 called "Jewish People and the Two-House teaching", meaning the two houses of Israel - Judah and Ephraim:

We should be aware of the fact that Orthodox Jews do expect Mashiach (Messiah) to regather the twelve tribes. Perhaps it could be pointed out to them that the descendants of the tribes are indeed being regathered from among the Gentile nations as they come to Yeshua and into the Messianic Community.
Centuries ago, when virtually all Gentile Christians just lived a typical Catholic or Protestant lifestyle, the suggestion would not have been so feasible. But now that so many Gentile Christians are embracing the Torah, honoring the true Sabbath, and celebrating the Biblical Feasts, the idea may not seem too far-fetched for Orthodox Jews to consider it. (Some already do believe it, by the way.)
And if they are persuaded that many of these "Messianic Gentiles" are really descendants of the ten northern tribes and are awakening to their Israelite identity because of their faith in Yeshua of Nazareth, then they might also be persuaded to consider His Messianic claims more seriously than they did in the past, when they viewed Christianity as just another pagan religion.
So, this "phenomenon" which Rivkah Adler is so eager to connect Jews with is just another Christian ploy to bring Jews and Christians together into one people under Yeshu.

How unfortunate that she also has the cooperation and apparent approval of some high profile Jewish names to back her up. The back cover of the book lists Rabbi Tovia Singer as a contributor and prominently includes an apparent haskamah with a brachah for the book's success by Rabbi Alon Anava.

Despite the bold display of the prophetic quote on its front cover...

...there is no way the pure words of this prophecy describe the idolatrous Christian connivers featured in the book's pages. 

I pray with all my heart that these misguided Jews will awaken (and soon!) to the error of their ways. As for the rest of Am Yisrael - be aware, be informed, keep your distance and warn others.
* New Covenant Israel is a fellowship of believers, both Jew and Gentile, who embrace the love and mercy of YHWH and desire to abide in His New Covenant. We understand that Yeshua regained the dominion of Earth from Satan to re-establish the Kingdom of God on this planet, and that Yeshua passed that dominion on to the New Covenant Believers.

** Clayton was a part of the Hayovel harvesting team in 2012-2013 and regularly lectures to Hayovel participants and at messianic congregations 

10 October 2017

WAR ON SUKKOT! (Part 7 - The Goal)

21 Tishrei 5778
Hoshannah Rabbah

Part 6
"The argument of the nations...is that we must achieve unity and break down the walls of separation. Is this not fair and logical according to the false thinking of the worshipers of foreign culture? Is not the unity of all nations and the disappearance of the differences between Israel and the nations the goal of the Hellenists...."
"G-d decreed upon holy Israel that they must be separated from impurity and from the impure nations. The idolatry and foreign culture of the nations cannot coexist with G-d's Torah or with G-d himself."
 ~ Rabbi Kahane z"l, Or HaRa'ayon
From a commenter on Tommy Waller's facebook page...

Sifri comments (Ha’azinu, 322): When Israel have troubles, the nations treat them like strangers and act as if they are unaware of their existence. ...But when things go well for Israel, the nations lie to them and make themselves out to be their brothers.
The following midrash typifies the personalization of Rome and the West as Esau while not sparing his hypocrisy.
In the future Esau will wrap himself in a tallis, sit down next to Yakov and say to him, "You are my brother"....Yakov will say to him, "My brother, you will not be like me. "I will lead you to death, I will be the pestilence that leads you to Sheol (Hoshea 13,14).... (Yalkut Shimoni, Yirmiahu 333)
"That was Esau's intention when he told Yakov, "Let us travel together and I will go before you (Genesis 33,12). He wanted them to join together in both this world and the world to come, to meet each other halfway, with each modifying his conduct until they were alike (Yalkut Shimoni, Genesis 133).
Indeed, Esau will even adopt certain tenets of Judaism - such as monotheism, the Divinity of the Torah, and reward and punishment - but only if Israel will give up some of its heritage.
Similarly, according to Tanna D'Bei Eliahu Zuta(19), Esau proposed. "Give up some of the mitzvos that divide us. You will thereby enjoy this world and still have half the world to come. Isn't that enough? (Bais Halevy, Vayishlach).
How did they know?!

Praying we all come through this war with our faith intact and wishing all Am Yisrael a wonderful, joyous and uplifting Shmini Atzeret free of evil influences.

Final Part

09 October 2017

WAR ON SUKKOT! (Part 6 - "The Feast")

20 Tishrei 5778
5th Day of Chol Hamoed Sukkot

Part 5

Jerusalemites have a modern tradition during the week of Sukkot. It's called the Jerusalem March. This year it is planned for Tuesday, 10 October. Here is a bit of history about it...
Jerusalem March – then and now
...The march has grown with each successive year since it was established in April, 1955 as a four-day march to Jerusalem for 200 IDF soldiers, joined by 70 civilians. In 1957, the Jerusalem March was turned into a popular event attended by about 5,000 marching soldiers and civilians and by 1966 there were 15,000 marchers.
In 1968, then-IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Mordechai “Motta” Gur reduced the march to three days.
According to Wikipedia (entry in Hebrew), the heavy autumn rains of 1972 dispersed the march soon after it began and, due to budgetary considerations, there was no 1973 march. It was, however decided, that the next march would take place in the fall during Sukkot, rather than the Passover season.
In 1974, the march was re-instituted though reduced to one day only during which the marchers would enter Jerusalem, instead of traversing half the country. In addition, a new format was introduced: separate trails of varying degrees of difficulty, making it easier for walkers and hikers of all levels to participate.

From 2003 on, thousands of Christians pilgrims have joined in the Jerusalem March as part of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem’s Feast of Tabernacles celebration.
Despite what many newcomers may think, the Jerusalem March was not begun by Christians. They just have sort of taken it over.

Merv and Merla Watson, Christian musicians and evangelists who live permanently in Israel, are credited with initiating the Christian participation in the Jerusalem March, which has grown to a full week-long Christian Sukkot Extravaganza called the Feast of Tabernacles or just the "Feast." (And it's not just in Jerusalem. Participants are touring all over the country.)
"...they conceived and spearheaded the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, as well as the Feast of Tabernacles, an annual event lasting a week, which draws 6000 Christians from 108 different countries. Both these ventures annually produce millions of dollars, which go into the Israeli economy. The Watsons were also the first ones to introduce the Hebraic style of music and choreographed spiritual dance into worship."

Note how the publicity of their events emphasizes the centrality of Yeshu and their worship of him. This is an event with a mission!


Imagine being invited as a "guest" into your own home!

Massive avodah zarah and chillul Hashem! How can any Jew participate in or stand by and observe such a travesty on the streets of Jerusalem during Sukkot!

The Christians have been told not to hand out candies to the children or any kind of "tracts," but they find a way to deliver their message anyway - like this bookmark that was passed out to the crowds of onlookers last year, along with balloons and other similar trinkets with messages included.

On the right it makes note that this comes with "love and blessings from Christians in Malaysia." And it includes the universally-recognized symbol of The One New Man - Jew and Christians together as one, God forbid!

Are these "friends"? No! They are an enemy. Stay far, far away from them and warn everyone you know to stay away, too! And plead with HKB"H in your prayers to please purify and cleanse us and our land of all avodah zarah forever!!

Part 7

08 October 2017

WAR AT SUKKOT! (Part 5 - Schindler's Jews)

19 Tishrei 5778
4th Day Chol Hamoed Sukkot

Part 4

It is our fellow Jews who have opened the gates to the enemy and now sit and "feast" with them while the rest of us sit and mourn their betrayal.

CJCUC is Shlomo Riskin's brainchild...

This event already took place day before yesterday, but it's important you know what is going on and who is involved. This is only the second or third time they've had it. These Jews who want to play shadchan between Jews and Christians keep coming up with new events to have on an "annual basis" so that every single day of the holiday - the entire holiday of Sukkot - will be turned from a celebration between HKB"H and His holy nation into some warped and twisted celebration of universal brotherhood, God forbid!!

I've written about Rosemary Schindler before right here. It's very worthwhile to go back and read it again. She gets a lot of mileage out of that name in Jewish circles, as you can well imagine - a "relative" of Oskar Schindler who is famous for saving Jewish lives during the Holocaust. But, I want you to know how she is related and then you will have some idea of the lowness of these people who are trying to attach to us. There is simply no depth to which they will not sink - to make cynical use of this man's name and memory for the purpose of misleading Jews towards a spiritual death.
Rosemary’s first husband, Walter Schindler, from whom she was divorced, was part of the same family from western Czechoslovakia (known to Germans as Sudetenland) to which Oskar Schindler belonged. Walter’s grandfather, a minor Nazi official, was Oskar Schindler’s second cousin. Unlike Oskar, Walter’s grandfather did not have a change of heart, going along with Adolf Hitler until the end.  (Source)
Her ex-husband's grandfather was Oskar Schindler's second cousin. She has been divorced from this family for more than fourteen years and she has remarried! Yet, she continues to use the name because it opens the door to Israeli Prime Ministers and Knesset Members and US Congressmen, etc. This is how Christians operate among Jews - through deviousness and deception.

Her Skyline Church gained a "Messianic Jewish Rabbi" named Joel Liberman who is "dedicated to evangelizing the Jewish people" when - true to the One New Man vision - Skyline Church and Tree of Life Messianic Congregation merged into one entity. (Source)

There are close ties between Hayovel and Schindler-Garlow. They regularly host her church tour groups in Har Brachah.

They were also together in Washington, DC for the inauguration of President Trump (along with Yehudah Glick). And their growing influence does not end there.

This is an invasion. It is an attempted takeover. And it goes right to the top!

Rosemary Schindler and Hayovel have something else in common. They all think they are going to settle here in our Holy Land and establish their avodah zarah here for keeps. But, I've got news for all of them. It ain't ever gonna happen! They can forget about taking refuge here. Like all the rest of the gentile impurity, the Almighty will remove them.

This is part of the War of Gog uMagog at Sukkot! Are you aware? Do you care? Pray for our deliverance! And stay far away from them!!

Part 6

Tishrei Messages From Meir Yisroel

18 Tishrei 5778
3rd Day Chol Hamoed Sukkot

Tishrei Aleph

Tishrei Bet

WAR ON SUKKOT! (Part 4 - The Nations Come Up to Jerusalem)

18 Tishrei 5778
3rd Day Chol Hamoed Sukkot

Part 3

At Sukkot, we read prophecies about the nations coming up to Jerusalem. The famous one that Christians and their Jewish supporters like to quote is Zechariah 14.2...
"...it will come to pass that everyone left of the nations who came up against Jerusalem will go up from year to year to prostrate himself to the King, the Lord of Hosts, and to celebrate the festival of Tabernacles."
It suits their purposes to pretend that the Christian "love-invasion" at this time of year is a fulfillment of that prophecy. Nowhere is that more evident than the so-called Jerusalem March, but that is the subject of tomorrow's blog post.

Here you can see a variation on the theme...
"Believers" means those who believe in the Christian man-god.

The reality is that the prophet very clearly describes that this comes only AFTER the War of Gog uMagog has ended.

It is much more likely that what we are seeing here is the fulfillment of two earlier prophecies of Zechariah which take place in the lead-up to Gog uMagog... 
Zechariah 12.3: "And it shall come to pass on that day that I will make Jerusalem a stone of burden for all peoples; all who bear it shall be gashed, and all the nations of the earth shall gather about it."
Zechariah 14.2: "...I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem to wage war...."
I have no doubt that Gog uMagog is a multi-faceted war that will be fought not only militarily, but also in the political, economic, religious and social realms. 

The Christian invasion is just one aspect of this war, but it is a very important one for the very simple reason that few Jews have a clue that a battle is being waged for their hearts and minds - the most dangerous battlefield of all. 

And, in this case, our own sources are being used against us!

Going back to the issue of these Ephraimite Christians who are the worst because they intend to settle here permanently among us and claim our entire inheritance as their own, Hayovel is famous for quoting Yeshayahu 61.5:
 "...and foreigners shall be your plowmen and your vinedressers."
So which are they - "lost tribes" or "foreigners"? They will call themselves whatever is most expedient for their purposes at the moment. But, never forget that they are the same old Christians we have been dealing with since the Greek (New) Testament was written just with some new twists.

Another prophecy now being quoted in regard to Ephraimite Christians is Zechariah 8.23: 
"In those days, when ten men of all the languages of the nations shall take hold of the skirt of a Jewish man, saying, "Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you."
They are calling the Christian outpouring of "love" and stated desire to connect with Jews a "fulfillment" of this prophecy. They are calling it a "phenomenon" and a Christian "awakening". But, it is nothing of the sort. The idea that millions of disconnected Christians all over the globe are independently experiencing some spiritual epiphany that is drawing them in is patently false.

Here, in the words of one of the Ephraimite movement's founders is the proof that it has been orchestrated over the course of at least 20 - 30 years...
The modern Ephraimite movement is an independent grass-roots movement. The INDEPENDENT movement was initially inspired in the 1970's, 1980's and the early 1990's by various books written by Batya and Angus Wooten. It really didn't catch on until the days of the internet in the late 1990's. Perhaps people like myself and Monte Judah can be regarded as "fathers" of the independent grass-roots movement as we began to share with Christians that the New Testament teaches that believers in Yeshua as the Messiah SHOULD follow Torah and that Yeshua died on the tree to gather and unite the 12 tribes of Israel. BOTH of our ministries started in the mid 1990's. The MIA (Messianic Israel Alliance) was not birthed until 1999. So, the MIA is SEPARATE from my ministry and the ministry of Monte Judah. We have INDEPENDENT ministries. In order to further spread this message, I wrote my book, "Restoring the Two Houses of Israel" which opened up the eyes of many to this understanding. In addition, as the internet made communicating the message easier to others, there were people all around the world especially in the USA who were ready to hear the message. (Source)
Here is another explanation of how this "awakening" is being purposefully brought about by false teachers bent on spreading another false "gospel"... 
Al McCarn (Hebrew Nation Radio): ...the Hebrew Awakening happening across the globe. In Pakistan, for example, Pastor Qaiser Ilyas shared by video his work in building Hebrew language and Torah teaching programs in Urdu for children and adults. Valerie Bulkunu, representing the Aboriginal people of Australia, shared the revival that is beginning among the youth of her people, and the awakening among Aboriginals to their Hebrew roots and Israelite identity. A similar phenomenon is happening among the Mizo people of northeast India, as Margot Crossing related in her report about the descendants of exiled Israelites who migrated across the Silk Road into South Asia. These developments are happening simultaneously with the better-known Torah awakenings in Europe and North America, and in time will have an even more significant impact as tens of millions of Ephraimites come into the understanding of their covenant identity.
These exciting reports have been tempered with sobering elements. In Pakistan, Hebrew believers are a twice-oppressed minority: first as followers of Yeshua in a Muslim nation, and then by the church in Pakistan, which has largely shunned them. Fernandino Ibo related a similar story of persecuted Christians and Hebrew believers in Papua, Indonesia. Persecution is not prevalent in Australia, but the established church has resisted the Hebrew awakening among Aboriginals. Reports from every country carry the same elements of isolation, with Hebrews finding it difficult to connect with like-minded believers due to their relatively small numbers in each country and the large distances between them. Most of the reports contained sobering news of poor governmental relations with the State of Israel, although in many countries the people – particularly Christians – are far more favorable to Israel and the Jewish people than their governments. (Source)
Daniel Botkin takes it a step further...
...Christians need to be made to understand that they cannot be a partaker of the new covenant unless they are part of the house of Israel or the house of Judah. They may be of 100% Gentile ancestry, but they have to join themselves to one of the two houses in order to lay claim to any new covenant privilege or status. Even the true Gentile "companions" had to be in one of Ezekiel's two sticks. There was no third stick called "the stick for the Gentiles." The twelve gates of the New Jerusalem have the names of the twelve tribes written on them. There is no gate labeled "Gentiles." If Gentiles wish to enter the New Jerusalem, they will have to identify with one of the twelve tribes and pass through that tribe's gate. Once a Christian has been awakened to his spiritual identity as a full-fledged member of the house of Israel, it will be easier for him to relate to his Israelite heritage - Israel's Torah, Israel's Sabbath, Israel's history. Because the Christian is joined to Israel's Messiah, he is also joined to Israel. Israel's Torah, Israel's Sabbath, and Israel's history also become his Torah, his Sabbath, his history. He has not stolen these things from the Jews. He has inherited them as a join their by means of his adoption into the house of Israel through Israel's Messiah." (Source)
B"H, most of our rabbis are not fooled and have taken a strong position on this matter and are doing their best to provide leadership and direction.

Rabbis Opposed

In a reference to Hayovel...
Shilo’s Rabbi Elhanan Bin Noon, called for a halachic ruling on the issue of accepting help from Evangelical Christian groups. “When these people are invited to perform acts of assistance, for them it’s a religious worship. How can you be interested in something like that?” He also accused the group of blurring the distinction between Judaism and Christianity.
Shortly before Rosh HaShanah, Rabbi Dov Lior, another prominent settler rabbi, issued a general halachic ruling against accepting material assistance beyond money from Christian groups because they practice idolatry.
However, the Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, the rabbi of Har Bracha, the settlement where the volunteers are based, has said that they aren’t missionaries. (Source)
Rabbi Sholom Gold
...it is not our role as Torah-true Jews to grapple with, to accommodate, or to incorporate the prophetic views and shifting theology of various Christian sects. There is no rationale for jeopardizing or compromising the Jewish faith by openly embracing and encouraging evangelical designs for Israel.
Committee of Binyamin Region Rabbis
A document of principles regarding the acceptance of monetary and manpower assistance from Christian organizations or individuals has been formulated by the Committee of Binyamin Region Rabbis. Members of the committee include Rabbis Yechezkiel Kupfeld, Jonathan Blass, Elchanan Bin Nun, Ben Zion Amar, and Yair Frank.
Shiloh’s Rav Elchanan Bin Nun, Rav Shlomo Aviner, Rav Yaacov Ariel, Rav Chaim Druckman, Rav Tzfanya Drori, Rav Dov Lior, Rav Aharon Lichtenstein, Rav Zalman Melamed, Rav Gidon Perl.
The tremendous influx of monetary and voluntary support emanating from gentile sources convinced the rabbis to present a much needed and clear halachic response with which to guide the Jewish community in Israel. The scope of the rabbinic treatise goes beyond the questions of accepting monetary and hands-on assistance from gentile sources. Very sensitive prohibitions with regards to avodah zarah, empowering Christianity, participation in Jewish-Christian gatherings, expressing admiration for Christian belief, and expressing gratitude are addressed in an unequivocal manner by the committee. The rabbis involved express great concern about the blurring of the line between Christianity and the Jewish faith, the dangers of strengthening Christianity in Eretz Yisrael, and problems inherent in becoming dependent on Christian sources.
Rav Moshe Tzuriel
HaRav Moshe Tzuriel, a prominent rav affiliated with the dati leumi community, has issued a stern warning against the growing trend of non-Jewish volunteers working in yishuvim throughout Yehuda and Shomron.

...The rav warns even the loss of one neshama is too costly and he feels that befriending gentiles living in communities is a recipe for disaster. In his publicized letter the rav quotes the Rambam’s ruling on the prohibition of employing an idol worshiper.
Now if we can just get our people to accept their da'at Torah and halachic rulings.

Part 5

(To be continued, iy"H...)